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**READ FIRST**'s Community Ethos & Rules

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:43 pm
by chucklivid
Hi I'm Chuck and you may know me from and/or from the now defunct record label Livid Records. I started as a place for the South Florida music community and their fans to learn and post about shows, record releases, events and pretty much anything fun to do in town. As convenient as Facebook is to post events the truth is it produces very little results unless you pay to have your fans see it. It's a cumbersome and annoying system that also invokes all sorts of privacy issues, awkward approval processes and and questionable business practices. I'd like for musicians to consider a real community-based substitute. Below's a quick breakdown of our ethos and rules. These principles will expand over time but for now here's the jist.

1. Musicians tend to drive away fans by over-saturating them with repetitive posts about the same event/release. Limit your posts to 3 times per event.

2. We can keep fans excited about returning to this site and checking out events by doing exclusives or dropping new material on first. Give them a reason to come back. Share bandcamp links, videos or whatever's new on your end on this site before you blast it on social media or better yet link off your post unto social media.

3. Be nice. Don't bully other users. Don't pick on people because of their race, gender identification or sexual orientation. I will ban you immediately.

4. If you're unsure of something please ask. I try to make myself available as often as possible.

If your artistic endeavour needs coverage please remember that always gives preference to local music and the arts. Hit us up over there at may be small now but Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's grow this thing!